Herreshoff Saluting Cannon

The Herreshoff Saluting Cannon is an authorized reproduction of L. Francis Herreshoff's saluting cannon. Herreshoff's design was an exact scale replica of the 9lb. British Naval Deck Cannon. Herreshoff built thirteen yachting cannons, ten accompanied the boats he designed and built and three others which were privately commissioned. In 1967 Herreshoff authorized R. Berkeley George of Madison, Connecticut to continue building the cannons. George has built over 600 to date, with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as the original.

Herreshoff Saluting Cannon on Teak Carriage


Herreshoff Cannon with Yoke Mount


Herreshoff Cannon with Cherrywood Case


Herreshoff Cannon with Striker Base


Herreshoff Cannon on Pedestal Base


Herreshoff Deluxe Gift Set