Herreshoff Saluting Cannon on Teak Carriage


Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The famous Herreshoff Saluting Cannon is precisely handcrafted to L. Francis Herreshoff's original plans & specifications. Hereshoff cannons have a distingushed history... they are an exact scale replica of the 9lb. British Naval Deck Cannon.  The cannon’s barrel is solid bronze, 16 inches long and weighs nearly 19 pounds. The barrel rests on a teak carriage featuring bronze and brass hardware accents.

The cannon is breech loading and features a unique drop in breech block system for safe & easy firing.

The Herreshoff Cannon is fired by striking the cascabel with the included hardwood mallet. The shell is extracted by running the mallet handle down the bore.

Chambered for standard 10 gauge blank shells.
Lifetime manufacturer warranty.
Manufactured by RBG Cannons.